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Kashmir Exhibitions

`The Photo Gallery
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1994: Media, Network TV, and Radio Pictures
Various Albums
Comprehensive Online Press Section
Gallery of VIP Actors and Parliamentarians
Iraq War Demos

Issues General, Metro Tax, and McDonalds
LibDems Election Campaigns
1998: Councilor Cheetham
2001: Parliament GE PPC Birmingham
2003: Councilor Cheetham
2004: Parliament Euro & International NATO USA
2005: Councilor Cheetham
2005: Parliament GE PPC Gorton
2009: Parliament Euro
1993: Muslim Education Council MEC
1995: Youth Students Sports & Lectures
1996: Business Enterprise & NGO's
2006: Business Enterprise Croyden NWDA & EMBF
2007: Business Enterprise NWDA & EMBF
1998: Manchester Party Pictures
2001: Public Meeting Birmingham P. Ashdown GaPeerce GE 01
2001: Reception Parli Barrones Joan Warmsley Gorton
2002: Reception Parli Patcy Calton MP Cllr Qassim Afzal win Cheetham
2004: Public Meeting Manchester Gun Crime Police
2005: Reception Parli Charles Kennedy MP Bankers Ass Dorchester
2005: Reception Parli Simon Hughes MP Manchester Gorton 37
2006: Reception Parli Simon Hughes MP Cheetham
2008: Reception Parli Nick Clegg MP Manchester Gorton (Leader) *NEW
Kashmir and LibDems
2002: Reception Ambassador Jaffer Inauguration Commons PHC LDFK
2002: Reception Ambassador Jaffer Launch Manchester Gorton
2003: Delegation Speaker House Ch. Amin Pakistan Peace LDFK
2005: Delegation Chair Senot Soomro Earthquake LDFK
2005: Delegation Presidential Musharraf LDFK
2005: Exhibition LibDems LDFK
2005: Reception Prime Minister CS Mahmood Mcr Gorton LDFK
Pakistan and LibDems
1999: Delegation Prime Minister & OPF
2000: Reception Ambassador Prof Ahmed Manchester PHC LDFK LDFP
2000: Reception Prime Minister Nawaz & Shabaz Sharif Muslim League
2002: Reception Ambassador Jaffer Charles Kennedy PHC LDFP
2003: Reception Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi PHC C Kennedy MP LDFP
2004: Reception Ambassador Maleeha Lodhis PHC Musharraf
2005: Reception Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi PHC S Hughes MP LDFP
2006: Reception M Campbell PHC LDFP